South West London

International Film Festival






"I'd like to reach out and give a special thank you to yourself and the SWIFF team, as the awards which our wonderful films have won at your festival over the years have helped our film makers’ careers significantly and have also contributed towards them achieving their goals of recognition, visibility, distribution and raising awareness of their film."

(The Film Festival Doctor)

"While dramas burst on the screen, the feeling of SWIFF is gentle, warm and friendly; a family atmosphere of drinks, music (provided , as ever, by the excellent Colliers Wood International Ukulele Orchestra) and good cheer, with the audience as multi-national as the cinematic line-up (perhaps even more so: the paucity of films from Africa and Asia was conspicuous).


It’s easy to be snide about such local offerings (as in this year’s parody by Linda Yellen ‘The Last Film Festival’ starring Dennis Hopper) but they do offer something of value: so much more than YouTube and such a welcome counterweight to the cinema chains and pay-per-view sites." (Peter Ellis)





SWIFF aims to provide a friendly and welcoming event for film makers to have their films screened and for a wide audience to come and watch films from all over the world. The festival began in 2012 and has steadily grown in popularity.

This year the festival will take place on:

Saturday 25th November from 11.30 am -11.00 pm at The Sultan, 78 Norman Road , Colliers Wood London SW19 1BT .

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Here are some quotes from attendees at previous SWIFF festivals:


"Congratulations to all the participants for the hard work poured into bringing their projects to life and many thanks to Penny Allsop and Laurentiu Huianu for making such a wonderful event! It was trully a honor to be there with so many wonderful people. " (Alexandru Paun, film director)


"It was really nice to be there. Thank you again for this great festival!" (Guy Bordin, film director)


"Thank you very much for holding yet another excellent SWIFF in Colliers Wood. I spent 7 hours viewing entries into this years event and enjoyed each one. It is wonderful to have free access to events such as this. Well Done and keep on doing it." (an audience member)


"I just wanted to say what a wonderful festival you put on on Saturday - we, and everyone who came to support us, had such a great time!" (Elena Andreicheva, film director)


"Just thanking you for your warm welcome at the festival on Saturday and of course the award!

The festival had a great atmosphere, very different to others I had been to." (Matt Worthington, film director)















Under 18s - the cinema of the future



In the words of the late Whitney Houston "Children are our future".


SWIFF aims to encourage the creativity of young people and therefore there is no fee for submissions by

Under 18s.


We welcome their input and hope to receive many submissions this year from this category.


"It was huge fun! Thank *you* for your amazing work in putting it all together!"


"Thank you both for all the work you put into this. It was a great success!"


"You and Laurentiu and all helpers behind the scenes are true communitarians, such a great initiative and for the love of film and conviviality."


"You also both have a talent for selecting great movies. Selfishly I wouldn't want the festival to lose its warm intimacy but you could both make it big if you wanted to I'm sure."


"It gets better every year"

"Some great films as always."

"Another wonderful day. Love it!"

"Brilliant Day Out, Thank you."


"It was a pleasure to attend the event. Thank you for your hospitality and for organizing such a fabulous festival."