Official selection


South West London

International Film Festival


Previous SWIFF

Grand Jury Prize Winners


2016 - "Alex" by Haroun Al Shaater


2015 - "Krisis" by Nikos Katsaounis and Nina Paschalidou


2014 - "A Place For Us" by Lucia Tambini


2013 - "Sea Change" by Marinella Setti


2012 - "Plastic Shores" by Edward Scott-Clarke




Official selection - SWIFF (South West London International Film Festival) 2015




Merton Vision, The Guardian Centre 67 Clarendon Road,

Colliers Wood, London SW19 2DX


N.B. Times are guidelines and not precise.


MORNING 11.00am-11.20pm (Under 18 and animation)

The Illusionist’s Cube (Leonardo Pires Pirondi, Brazil, animation, Under 18, 1 min)

An illusionist plays with a Rubik’s Cube.

Drip (Kyle Jensen, USA, Short Fiction, Under 18, 4 mins)

When a boy gets turned into an ice cream cone, his friends must try to save him.

Live Action (Elaine Li, China, Short, Under 18, 1 min)

A group of children fight over a Snickers bar.

S.C.A.N (Searching Alternative Nature (Denes Ruzsa, Hungary, still moving image, 6 mins)

Stars provide the essential light for life and our existence is a consequence of them.

The Stone Age Film (Kas Coleman, UK, Under 18, 1 min)

How cave men first made fire.

Alone? (Amy Beedle, UK, Short Fiction, Under 18, 5 mins)

A teenage girl lets her feelings towards herself affect her whole life and those around her.




MID MORNING 11.25pm-12.10pm

 1-0 (Saman Hosseinpour, Iran, Short Fiction, 1 min)

A boy tries to watch football in a barber shop and forgets he is having his hair cut.

5 Segundos (David González Rudíez, Spain, Short Fiction, 3 mins)

Carlos and his wife had an argument and now he wants to apologise and give her a surprise.

Monkey Business (Jack Coulthard-Little, UK, short fiction, 3 mins)

A busking monkey gets put off by a guy picking his nose and a fight ensues.

Exit Stage Left (Molly Tebbutt, UK, Short Fiction, 15 mins)

On a young man’s first day of death he meets a woman in the same position, and an old man who helps them to accept their fate.

Bad Timing (Emma Deacon, UK, Short Fiction, 5 mins)

A boy tries to protect his sister from their parents, but as things begin to improve tragedy strikes.

The Actor’s Dream (Edward Lomas, UK, Documentary, 13 mins)

Mary Cant talks about her life as an actress in the theatre.




LATE MORNING 12.15pm-1.40pm

Smile You’re Dying (Waseem al-Sayed, Syria, Short Fiction, 14 mins)

Inner worlds of a photographer and his personal crises interact with the state of a country in exceptional circumstances.

The Northern Houses (Guy Bordin and Renaud de Putter, Belgium, Documentary, 20 mins)

A Kenyan priest visits the Canadian Arctic and this links back to two Roman Catholic missionaries.

Ace (A D Cooper , UK, Short Fiction, 7 mins)

An old man in a mobility scooter tries to outsmart two boys who are trying to annoy him.

A View on a Marriage (Klaartje Quirjins, Netherlands, Short Fiction, 22 mins)

A successful businessman finds a secret place to examine his relationship with his wife of 25 years, a celebrated pianist.

All the Difference, (Trudy Sargent, USA, Short Fiction, 19 mins)

A chance meeting changes two people’s lives forever.




AFTERNOON 1.50pm-4.00pm

Eclipse (Fenulla Jiwani, Canada, Short Fiction, 6 mins)

Three lives are deeply affected by the joyful spirit of an adopted Cambodian child.

Where are you Bucharest? (Vlad Petri, Romania, Documentary, 80 mins)

23 years after the Romanian Revolution people are back on the streets protesting.

Offisde (Jimmy Dean, UK, Short Fiction, 18 mins)

As a young girl is told by her father she will no longer be able to play in the boys’ football team, she struggles to come to terms with her evolving identity as a young woman.

I’m in the corner with the bluebells (Ako Mitchell, UK, Short Fiction, 15 mins)

Half siblings who meet for the first time feel an unwanted physical attraction.




EARLY EVENING - 4.10pm-5.50pm


Painless (Dylan Stern, UK, Short Fiction, 12 mins)

Two sisters try to repair their relationship whilst plotting to kill their sick mother.

Eva’s Legacy (Simon Frifth, UK, Short Fiction, 10 mins)

When Eva leaves her family home to a charity a news crew comes to film the story, but a dark secret from the past emerges.

Jump (Richard Anthony Dunford, UK, Short Fiction, 10 mins)

A lonely man contemplating suicide meets a ghost.

Krisis (Nikos Katsaounis and Nina Paschalidou, Greece, Documentary, 62 mins)

Greece’s economic crisis and how it affected a variety of people in this usually calm country.




LATE EVENING – 5.55-7.55pm


Double-Barrelled (Nikolay Sysuev, UK, Short Fiction, 11 mins)

A comical film about an intern’s first day at work which is not quite what he expected.

Blackbirds, (Marcus Schwenzel, Czech Republic, Short Fiction, 15 mins)

A girl tries to leave her life as a porn star but things only get worse.

Voices of the new jungle, (Mark Brown, UK, Documentary, 75 mins)

The effects of the growing migrant population on the town of Calais.

The Wager (Josh Maines, UK, Short Fiction, 14 mins)

After a game of poker two men challenge their friend to sleep in a haunted room to win his money back.



Award giving and Colliers Wood Ukulele Band