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the winners of SWIFF 2017


Golden Leaf Grand Jury Prize Winner

Fiebre del Oro by Raul de la Fuente.


Best Long Fiction

Lies We Tell by Mitu Misra


Best Short Fiction

Sofia by Anabel Caso


Best Animation

Deuspi by Megacomputeur














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Director Raul de la Fuente and Producer Amaia Ramirez are award winning Basque film makers. They discovered that small scale mining is growing fast to the extent that there are more than 15 million miners in over 70 countries. These miners are self employed and working in very poor conditions, risking their lives daily, and being contaminated by mercury.


So Raul decided to make a film about this issue, concentrating on the lives of a few miners, in order to publicise the situation, with the hope that something might be done to promote better working and living conditions for the miners.

One of Raul's previous films "Minerita" was also a SWIFF winner in 2013 and was short listed for an Oscar.



South West London

International Film Festival


1.- How you came across the story?


In Mozambique, we discovered that artisanal mining (and large scale mining) is an activity that is significantly growing and transforming the living and working conditions of a large part of the population that decide to became miners (garimpeiros).

We have done research about artisanal mining and discover that the magnitude of this practice is bigger than expected. We have seen how public services (health facilities for example) in mining areas were completely saturated. After that, we made field identification and discover that miners were working in unworthy conditions using mercury in order to extract gold (and other environmental and health negative practices). Finally we have researched about the global impact of artisanal mining and discover that it is a practice that involves more than 15 million miners in more than 70 countries around the world, and that gold extraction using mercury contributes to 40% of mercury global emissions.

Considering all these aspects we decide that it was an incredible story to share. So, we have identified several miners (gold and ruby miners) and through their stories we decided to tell the local and global repercussions of artisanal mining.

2.- Why you decided to make the film?


Artisanal mining and the environmental impact of this practice (particularly gold extraction) is a global public health challenges.


We have decided to make the film in order to report about the living and working conditions of the miners to promote a political advocacy campaign in Mozambique in order to change legislation and to promote better working and living conditions of miners but also to help miners to formalise their activity and to reduce health and environmental risks.


To Sensitize the population of Mozambique about this reality.


To Sensitize global population about the mercury pollution and how it is related to poor working conditions of miners working in developing countries.


To Sensitize global population about the need to change mineral consuming patterns.



Information about director and crew


“THE GOLD RUSH” director, Raúl de la Fuente and

Producer, Amaia Remirez are Basque awarded filmmakers

(more than 60 international awards)


In 2015, Raúl de la Fuente and Amaia Remirez´s film MINERITA was shortlisted for the 88thOscars© Academy Awards as Best Short Documentary Subject. The film won in 2014 the Goya Award, Spanish Cinema Academy, for Best Short Documentary Film.


Now, with “THE GOLD RUSH”, they dive again in the amazing world under earth: lives in mines.


“THE GOLD RUSH” is an original idea of Ivan Zahinos, Project director in MEDICUSMUNDI ,




MEDICUSMUNDI has been working in Mozambique since 1994, aiming to improve the social factors which affect the population’s health, with one of those factors being the right to live in a healthy environment.





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